Our Story

“Everywhere in the world there are tensions - economic, political, religious.

So we need chocolate.”


The Idea

Three chefs with a mission to find a great local alternative to imported chocolates from Europe - this is where the idea slowly formed. When speaking to people we heard so much about the story of Cacao in Thailand, but we couldn’t find a chocolate suitable for restaurants and hotels.

The more information we had on our hands, the more determined we got to change this.

Give it Time

There is one thing we chefs know for certain - great food cannot be rushed! From the first idea to a functional chocolate factory took us almost two years to accomplish. We consulted with old friends in pastry and confectionery, we made new friends in cacao trade, farming and post harvest, we researched hundreds of different pieces of equipment and we flew in a number of experts to get hands on with us.

100% Handmade

We have now scaled our chocolate production to a size where we are able to supply restaurants in hotels. However we have stayed true to the original idea of making the highest quality product with only the best ingredients.

All our chocolates are made by hand and are constantly monitored to guarantee we deliver the highest quality that we set out to make