Chocolate is one of the world’s most intriguing treasures. In the over 2,000 years of history of chocolate many different preparations were popular in different cultures and parts of the world. Naturally, there is some confusion on all the different professions in the industry today.

While a chocolatier uses ready made chocolate to craft bon bons or pralines, a cacaofevier transforms cocoa beans into fine chocolate.

Currently the phrase ‘bean to bar maker’ is often used – originating in the new American craft chocolate movement. It is however technically not precise and the profession of bean transformer predates this movement.

Cacaofevier is a combination of the two French words ‘cacao’ and ‘feves’ (beans). While cacaofevier companies are less common than chocolatiers, these are the magical places where the bitter seeds of the cacao fruit develop their irresistible flavour and satisfying smooth texture. As cacaofevier, we are the midwifes in the birth of chocolate.


Where ever possible we use products with organic or sustainable certification. However, we believe that personal relationships, farm visits and day to day quality control of a local product are an even greater guarantee than what a certification can provide. Where certifications add additional costs for our customers, added logistics or transportation or are simply not the best quality option, we believe in our personal assessments and quality control.

Feel free to ask for more information. We are happy to share our vision and current operation standards directly with you.